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Bringing Creativity Home

I spend a lot of time trying to persuade business leaders of the urgent need to welcome more creative people into their organizations. Now it looks like IBM agrees with me.

Bringing Fresh Air Into The World Of Work

I'm hoping to appear at an upcoming kickoff function for one of my clients. At an early planning meeting, I made sure to suggest useful content and activities illustrating the link between leadership and the creative process. That's my specialty, and I assumed it would be the client's main interest. When I was finished describing my suggested approach, my client looked at me and said with a disappointed look on his face: "But you're going to play one of your compositions on the violin aren't you?"

Letting Go Of The Task

For the past few weeks now, I've been coaching several participants from my recent sustainability workshop. Each has a leadership role in a sustainability program. Sustainability is all the rage these days, especially here in Portland, and many organizations want to get on the bandwagon. But few are ready to pay the band.