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In the opinion of the 1500 CEOs interviewed for IBM's 2010 Global CEO Study...

"Creativity is the most important leadership quality."

That's what makes my Creative Vitality Profile such an important diagnostic tool. The profile identifies those characteristics of your organization's culture and performance that relate to creativity, adaptation, and innovation, and suggests an initial strategy for fundamental improvement. It characterizes your organization using these measures:
  • Creative vitality in three essential cultural dimensions
  • Creative vitality in four essential performance dimensions
  • Creative vitality at four levels in the organizational hierarchy
The profile identifies the areas most in need of support, and suggests where best to begin applying your influence for change. As the change proceeds, the profile will serve as a roadmap that you and your "partners in crime" will use repeatedly to guide your efforts. After six months or a year, you can re-administer it to see what effect you've had, where your efforts have had the most impact, and what areas remain for improvement.

This assessment tool is based on an integrated model of the creative process that combines concepts and best practices from project management, conflict resolution, technology development, and the performing arts.

The integration of those disciplines, combined with a profoundly simple graphical presentation, make the diagnosis both clear and deeply powerful.  One client has called it "uncanny".

The online profile questionnaire takes about ten minutes to complete, and is meant to be taken by all members of a management or executive team. It is valuable both for guiding interventions and for teaching leadership skills.

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