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Inhabiting The Creative Space

The simple abstract diagram below depicts the activity space for creating something new. 

Every point in the space represents a necessary activity, which is characterized along two axes: REALISM (Blue Sky vs. Down To Earth) and CONCRETENESS (Mind vs. Body). 

The Agile Journey: Creativity Needs Protection

Creative work flourishes when talented professionals are given clear objectives and empowered to do their best. Enlightened stakeholders sign up for that adventure and agree to indulge any unfamiliar processes and practices that it entails.

The Agile journey is such an adventure – exciting, exhilarating, and profoundly successful. That is, until the sh*t hits the fan...

Scrum: A Race to the Bottom?

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague a while back. He believes that unless a Scrum team consists of high-performers, its collaborative practices will degrade its performance to the lowest common denominator. Do you agree?

Situational Servant Leadership

Advice to Agile practitioners interested in servant leadership: it is a subtler, more nuanced, and more advanced practice than you’ve been led to believe.