Bob Lieberman's Blog

Commentary and Tools For Empowering Change


Bob Lieberman is an engaging and entertaining speaker on-stage and in corporate settings. In these keynotes, he shares thirty-five years of insight into creative leadership, based on his career as a technology professional and performing musician.

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Cultivating Creativity In Business - 40-60 minutes

Creative professionals think differently than most of the business people who hire them. Creatives live in a circular world of colors, while business people live in a linear world of black and white. The gap can be formidable, but it must be bridged for creativity to have real business impact. In this entertaining presentation, Bob explores effective ways for creatives to talk to business people in their native language, and vice-versa.

Leading Creatively - 60-90 minutes

Creativity comes naturally to all of us when we let it. Whatever your leadership role, creativity is an essential key to problem-solving, innovation, collaboration, and motivation. Learn how to use the creative process to identify and remove obstacles to creative leadership in your business, community, family, and personal activities. Live and recorded music, video, and audience participation make the presentation vivid and compelling.