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Driven Late At Night

One thing I noticed tonight is how compelling "work" is when you let the shifting winds of the creative process guide you. Today, I've been refining my creativity process model and associated web pages and documents. I thought I'd be done by six and now it's 11. Here's how it happened...

I had some good ideas over the last few days, which came to me unbidden. Just ten or twenty minutes of describing the creativity process to a few people at a networking event gave me so much feedback. But I wasn't aware of its impact until today. So exploration is not always conscious or intentional. Today I started experimenting with the ideas in concrete terms. I made a copy of some images and documents and made the exploratory changes to see if I liked them.

Here's where the process took over! I reached a point where I liked the exploration enough that I wanted the change to happen right away! So I followed through with all the affected documents and images, and sat back to think about it in its complete form. You might have thought I was resting, but my unconscious was bubbling up issues for me to check out. I kept getting up, checking out, going back to lunch (at 2PM), and so on. Eventually I realized I liked the result and I wanted the change made. Just that act of commitment gave me ten reasons why I wanted the change done tonight rather than next week. So for people worried that a balanced creative project doesn't drive to completion, I want to testify to the exact opposite. I was driven because I let the natural process do its work.

So at 3PM, I just couldn't leave the project alone. I did production work until 11PM with time out for dinner. And I like the result now. Good thing, because I'm tired so I need to rest anyway. I can assure you that if I'd left things there, when I next picked them up I would have had all kinds of new changes to make. Because after sleeping I'd have been ready for more exploration. Good thing that didn't happen. Instead, I'm done now and I like the result a lot.

And I feel totally fulfilled. Proud of the accomplishment and satisfied that it does what I want.

Now I'm definitely going to sleep! Goodnight!