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Tools For Initiating and Managing Change

The Challenge Of Challenge

One of the key stages in the creative process is Challenge. This is where ideas are tested so that one can emerge as worthy of commitment. Of necessity, conflict arises. And, people being who we are, we often take personally any criticism of our ideas no matter how gingerly stated. Then, in addition to the criticism, there may be rejection, since only one idea will be selected. In short, Challenge is an emotional minefield.


Facilitation, mediation, and negotiation are, above all, creative activities. They are usually requested when a group has exhausted its own resources. Technique is important to their success, but it is creativity that permits something new to emerge from the stalemate.

The Need For Nerve

In my workshops and consulting, I make a point of conveying how damaging it is for a company to be too concerned with survival. Today I read an Associated Press report in the Oregonian that brings this point home.

The report seems to be about a scarcity of labor in some high-paying fields like nursing and engineering. But it buries the lead, which is this – when it comes to hiring, businesses have lost their nerve.