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The Identity Crisis

I was in a workshop on natural resource sustainability last week. That's a big topic in Portland, and one I'm very interested in. In the workshop, one of my colleagues observed that some people don't hear the sustainability message because it makes them feel guilty. Imagine, he asked, how a discussion about diminishing oil reserves might be received by a corporate jet salesman. We agreed that the reception would likely be defensive, and we attributed this defensiveness to the salesman's concern for his career prospects.

Is Forced Creativity The Best We Can Do?

Real creative dialogue leads to deeper relationships, not just better solutions. And it often comes from simply taking your time.

Still Hypnotized?

Our beliefs influence our perceptions, and we see what we want to see. I think most of us believe that. We assume that the influence is solely psychological – that our bodies have the real physical experience, and we just (unconsciously) choose to ignore it.

But what of hypnosis? Can psychology alone account for someone acting like a dog? Well, now we have a neurological study of hypnosis that sheds some light on that question. To paraphrase the study's conclusion, hypnotic suggestion causes a part of your brain to butt in on the process that normally makes your body move.